22 Feb 2006


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Y2J says Dave's back in the saddle again & says maybe you'll see him on tour & says maybe you'll see The Darkness on tour. He says he was in the UK last month & says The Darkness was huge over there as if they're Queen or something. He asks if he understands it & says he don't know, but says he digs the fact that they're a rock & roll band, playing guitar solos, have a little personality, they have lead singer Justin Hawkins & they wear catsuits. He asks who wears catsuits in rock & roll anymore & says it's a sad state of affairs when no one wears catsuits. He said back in the day, you had to play guitar, sing, wear a catsuit & stuff the front of your pants with a sock.

Y2J says remember Steven Pierce who said in Circus magazine that he wore a sock in his trousers & people wondered if it was really his c*** or was it just a sock. He then says "Green Eggs & Ham, Sam I Am" is what they used to say & says his answer to that is he don't care if it's a sock or a c***. He says it don't matter to him nor does it change the fact that Steven's got a whiny voice who's a bad frontman & says if he has a 12 inch "Pud", does he like him more. He says talk about a tangent & wonders if maybe The Darkness wears socks in their pants or trousers & says he don't know. He says he does know that this song [Bald] is about hair loss.

Y2J says it's XM 41 Da Boneyard & from 1 way ticket to Hell & back. He ask if "1 Way Ticket To Hell & Back" makes sense & says he has to ponder over that.

9. Plays The Darkness' "Bald".

10. Y2J says did you ever wonder when you're walking down the street & says he's sorry if you're bald, but if you're not, did you ever see guys walk down the street & say "Oh my God, if I ever had that hairstyle, I don't know what I would do". He says it's cool now to shave your head down to the stubbles, but he says in the 70's it was much better when it wasn't cool & says the bald guys actually grew their hair out. He says that way, you'd have that Bozo The Clown type look & says that's awesome. He says that type of hairstyle should return & says if he was in charge of haircut fashion, he says he'd make all the balding guys grow it out & get that Bozo The Clown look back in there & make it happen again.

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