06 Jan 2009
One of East Anglia's most successful rock bands are not getting back together, the group's manager has said.

Reports had suggested that The Darkness, who were from Lowestoft and split acrimoniously in 2006, were being offered a major deal to tour and record a new album this year.

But Sue Whitehouse, the band's manager and long-time partner of frontman Justin Hawkins, said there was “no truth whatsoever” in the story.

“I've no idea where that story came from,” said Ms Whitehouse, who oversaw the band's meteoric rise to fame.
05 Jan 2009

Music Notes from 2008

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

THE BROWNIES have had an exciting year. More from a studio perspective than a live performance aspect, spending the latter part of the year recording with Grammy nominated producer Andy Gill and also Jon Gray of Big Life producers.

The tracks are to be featured on their debut album Ourknife Yourback available early next year. Recently they put the finishing touches to it at top Norfolk studio Leeders Farm, studio of Dan Hawkins previously of The Darkness, who by the way I managed to barge in on in the bedroom while looking for the dunny. Sorry Dan I have a weak bladder.

To read the full article visit www.eveningnews24.co.uk
04 Jan 2009

Earplug Alert For Music Gig-Goers

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

Dan Hawkins was the guitarist with The Darkness and is now out on the road with his new rock band Stone Gods.

He said: "When you go to a gig, if you get there when doors open, you're listening to three band sets and you've got the full power of the PA firing at you."

When you're in a band, you basically don't hear that PA firing towards you, you have a little monitor and it's nowhere near as loud on stage as it is for the audience.
03 Jan 2009

Radio 2 Acoustic Session

+ posted by Sez

Hot Leg performed 'Cocktails' and a cover of 'Dust In The Wind' acoustically on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon.

You can listen again to the show using iPlayer, for the next 7 days, here:
Start listening at about 22mins into the show to catch Hot Leg smile
If you keep listening till after the track 'Ruby Tuesday' played after the Dust In The Wind cover, you will hear a mention of FlamingWhopper and www.justinhawkinsrocks.co.uk!

Also click read more to read Hot Leg's blog.
03 Jan 2009

Welcome to the new look FlamingWhopper

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

To start off the New Year I've been trying to create a new look and also sort out some glitches in FW. The site isn't fully finished as we're still missing out links section. But apart from that, I think we're ready to go!

Please note that the site might be a bit buggy, so let us know if there's anythin you spot.


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