24 Feb 2009
Justin Hawkins will forever be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because of his vocal style everything he does will always be compared to his work in the Darkness there is just no way around it. His new band Hot Leg has just released their debut album “Red Light Fever” and yes it does sound like the Darkness but it sounds like a new and improved version. “Red Light Fever” by far passes both albums released by his previous band. Every song here (10 in all) is capable of being released as a single from the outrageous opener “Chicken” to ”Cocktails” and even the albums closer a piano rocker called “Kissin’ The Wind”. Joining Hawkins in Hot Leg are Pete Rinaldi - Lead Guitar, Samuel SJ Stokes - Bass, and Darby Todd - Drums.

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21 Feb 2009

New Bands: The audacity of hype

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Justin Hawkins (previously of The Darkness and now Hot Leg frontman) knows all about this whole prcoess. His old outfit were heavily praised for debut Permission to Land but by the time its follow-up One Way Ticket to Hell … and Back was released two years on, the knives were out. ‘You can tell that you are becoming a press phenomenon when people ask you the same question over and over again’, Hawkins chortles, ‘and we started off being excited about the hype. Now I realise that you can’t please everyone all the time.’

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21 Feb 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Hot Leg Interview

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If you jump over to RushOnRock.com, they have an exclusive interview with Justin Hawkins.

"Still no word on whether Justin made it out of his tunnel last night but if this just happens to be his last interview for a while then it’s a belter. Fresh from The Brits and with a new record to peddle, the former Darkness hero was his usual ebullient self as he talked awards, homosexuality and the value of rock icons Def Leppard and Whitesnake. You can pick up a copy of Red Light Fever now and Hot Leg play Newcastle’s o2 Academy on Friday March 6.

rushonrock: You were back at the Brits this week so what’s the gossip?

Justin Hawkins: Well there isn’t much really. I went as a guest of the BPI and did the red carpet stuff before I ended up sitting at a table with a lady called Sue Whitehouse. It was nice to bump into her. She’s the manager of Hot Leg so we had something in common. Apart from her there were no real names on our table and it was a pretty quiet affair all round. I imagine all the action was backstage. That’s where it all happened when I was invited in the past. For me it was just a chance to get dressed up, do my hair and slap on the make-up."

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21 Feb 2009

Justin Hawkins Excited To See Pet Shop Boys

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21 Feb 2009

Q&A: Justin Hawkins

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On solo projects, drugs and rumours on the darkness...

You had a solo project called British Whale. Why did you decide to form a new band?

I missed being in a band. It's pretty simple -- it's just about four blokes making noise!

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New Album - Red Light Fever OUT NOW

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